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Quiet your Inner Critic & Connect with your Highest Self so you can

A weekly podcast for entrepreneurs

Rock your Joy

I’ve spent over 2 decades helping women transform their lives by finding the sweet spot between ‘hustle’ and ‘flow’, with mindfulness, mindset, and no BS strategies for getting more out of life. 

Today, the Rock Your Joy podcast is a space to inspire and ignite conversations among women on the journey to creating their extraordinary lives. Wherever you are on this adventure, if you find yourself wanting to experience more joy, this is the place for you. 

New episodes are released every WEEK.

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  “Set some time to rest and relax, to turn off your computer, to turn off the email. Not having enough time to rest is a myth.” – Aine Rock Pandemic life has forced many of us into a constant state of work. Whether you’re stuck in constant Zoom meetings or you’re helping at-home learners, […]

  “The less we have, and the more intentional things we have in our home, the easier it is to really feel openness and expansiveness.” – Lili Pettit We have spent most of 2020 at home. The pandemic necessitated that our homes become our offices, schools, and gyms, among other things. The amount of stuff […]

  “We can move forward trusting in the infinite abundance of the universe. Or we can stay small and live in fear.” – Aine Rock We all go through seasons of contraction, those times when things are hard and nothing goes right. It is hard to remember but after every contraction comes an expansion. This […]

Dealing with unexpected life transitions is hard on its own. Navigating these transitions while being cooped up with your family 24/7 makes an anxiety-fueling situation even more difficult. This week we’re revisiting our episode from last year with author and coach Annmarie Chereso. She offers up tips for dealing with the unexpected as well as […]

  “Begin today. Bravely, because fear, I guarantee, will show up. Fear is a part of life. And fear can exist and you can still move forward.” – Aine Rock It has been one year since the pandemic touched every facet of our lives. It has also been one year since Rock Your Joy first […]

  “In order for us to give really good yeses in life, to bring in the things that are for us, we have to first learn how to give really good nos.” – Kelly Mahalak What if you had an owner’s manual for your life? That is exactly what Human Design strives to be; a […]

  “We are not meant to manage and prioritize every single thing by ourselves. It is so much more beautiful and joyful when we bring in the support of other people.” — Aine Rock  Being open to receiving the signs that the universe sends to you is one of the most powerful ways to combat […]

  “The more we’re willing to work on ourselves and go deeper into our own healing, the more space we can hold for other people to heal.” – Aine Rock Mastermind courses tend to attract top talent and can be pricey to boot. However, making this kind of investment in yourself and your business is […]

  “Where do I feel most like myself? Where am I finding that joy and passion and excitement? I let those things lead me along the way.” – Aine Rock The journey toward finding your purpose is not a straight line. Aine experienced this firsthand as she navigated careers in yoga instruction and marketing before […]

  “When the boundaries between work and life totally went away, I think we were all forced to reconstruct them.” – Kate Torgersen Milk Stork is a breastmilk shipping company that helps working women get their breastmilk home to their infants. Kate Torgersen is the founder and CEO and joined Aine to talk about the […]

  “Let’s unpack the shoulds and all of the things that stop you from really living into your optimal energy.” – Aine Rock Rock Your Joy has always been about helping you find ways to live an intentional, joyful life. This week, Aine is pulling back the curtain on her own life and sharing the […]

  “We need to be teaching our boys how to be allies. And one way of doing that is really building emotional competency.” – Annie Warshaw The pandemic has not hit everyone equally. Women, moms in particular, have been forced out of the workforce in droves. This week’s guest, Annie Warshaw, founded Mission Propelle with […]

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You want to laugh while talking about all things content, copy, life and more.

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Her words and soothing and encouraging at the same time. Her guests are thoughtful and I finish each episode feeling renewed."

- Sara


Aine’s voice is so calming and her consistent message has helped me stay calm and grounded during this challenging time. I don’t often allow myself to feel JOY but now I am starting to look for it and feel it fully..."

- Katy


Thank you Aine for sharing your story, your wisdom, your grounded understanding and your joy. Fabulous episode."

- Shannon


I love Aine's podcast. Her frank and real approach to her solo episodes is really refreshing. Thank you!"

- G. Caprio



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