Tired of business coaching that feels one-size-fits all? Sick of feeling like your desire for rest & play is at odds with your ambition? Looking for a sisterhood of CEOs who’ll witness, support & inspire you on your journey?


When it comes to personal development, you’ve been around the block. 

But most of the courses, coaches and programs you’ve encountered have failed in one key respect: They haven’t created the space you need to actually EMBODY the shift they’re supposed to bring about. 

Now, you know, to create the life you want, you need SPACE to unravel your stories and overcome your blocks, you need to SHIFT out of “doing” and into “being”, and you need the SUPPORT of a sisterhood of fellow creative entrepreneurs.

Where visionary women come together to discover, heal and reveal their divine feminine energy.

Inside this 6-month expansion experience, you’ll unravel the stories you tell yourself about what you can and can’t have, unblock the path to ease, and unleash the full scope of your divine feminine power. 

The collective


If you are...

A high-performing, high-achiever who’s been longing to bring more stillness, quiet & peace into every day so that you actually have space to consider what you want and where you’re going

Feeling disconnected from your creativity, your passion, your purpose in life, and looking for someone who’s walked the same path to help you find your way back to yourself

Ready to manifest the life that you truly desire, led by your intuition, your creativity, your innate sense of play

you're in the right place


Redefine what it means to be successful

Examine the patterns and stories you've been telling your whole life— they’re what’s gotten you to where you are today (and we celebrate that!) but we may need new stories to create a new and even more fabulous future YOU.

Reinvite the feminine in

Create space in your life for Divine Feminine Flow. Practice setting boundaries, both energetic and emotional, and explore how powerful you can be when you step out of hustle and into flow.

Rewrite Your Story

Connect to joy through somatic practices like breathwork and writing and re-imagine what life looks (and feels like) when you trust and follow your deepest intuitive prompts.

Aine is an incomparable coach who gives you the gentle nudges you need to get your sh*t in order. 

Joining Aine’s program was the best gift I could have given myself! Aine is an incomparable coach, who gives you the gentle nudges you need to get your sh*t in order. 

With an empathetic heart, she listens and encourages you like a good friend. She makes you see that the hurdles aren’t so high, and with the right mindset, you can accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.

– Abby Chung, Co-Owner, Practice Chicago


You’ve done the work of shifting into your Future Self. Now you get to introduce her to the group. 

We’ll gather at a luxurious space for 5 days of food, drink, energy healing and pure sensory delight. You’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience that allows you to be fully immersed in the energy of your best life—so that you can carry that forward with you into your next chapter. 

This live & luxurious retreat will give you the chance to celebrate how far you’ve come. 

Live in Ojai, California!



More trust in yourself, your creativity, your intuition, and your ability to choose the right path without seeking an external guide 


New courage to show up as yourself, claim space for yourself, express your truest thoughts & let the world see the brilliant woman you’ve always been


Tangible tools to help you tap into your feminine strength and knowing, whenever, wherever, forever

this is for you.

This experience won’t just propel you past what you thought you could do… You’ll be forever changed by the deep connections you forge, both with your fellow participants, and yourself.

Monthly group coaching calls where we’ll come together & connect on that month’s theme

Monthly 1:1 coaching calls with Aine to help you move through your specific blocks

A community space to engage with other women on the same journey as you are

join us inside and enjoy

apply now

There is power in collective energy of women. With intention and integrity, you'll be welcomed into a safe space to explore the stories keeping you stuck, immerse yourself in the energy and creative power of the feminine, and watch your life and business transform.

from jessica

"aine is helping me reactivate the power within myself..."

"Working witn Àine for 2 months now has given me much needed adjustments and balance to my life in so many ways!

I was confused, frustrated, and honestly struggling.
Over the years "my space" slowly dissipated and became nonexistent.

Àine is helping me reactivate the power within myself and helping me regain and create that space I so deserve and need.
Thank you! From my heart to yours!"

– jessica, exec. director, beautycounter

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

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Experience the alchemy that happens when a group of women come together & commit to expansion & joy

secure your spot inside the collective today

Questions you might need answered before you say “Yes!” to more ease, joy and pleasure in every day:

+ Is this experience best suited for newbies or established entrepreneurs?

The Collective is a space for high-achieving women who are transforming into the next, most authentic version of themselves. That may mean they’re leaving the corporate world to start something completely new, or it could mean they’re scaling their established ventures by extending past the edges of what’s been possible so far. 

Ultimately, whether you’re new to online business or you’ve been in this game for sometime, this space is for you if you’re ready to make big, bold moves as you grow into the fullest expression of who you are. 

+ What healing modalities will we use during our time together?

We’ll regularly use meditation and breathwork to release old patterns and shift stagnant energy. As a certified high-performance coach, I’ll lead you through exercises that will help you release unhelpful stories and beliefs that no longer serve you. Finally, we’ll also use writing as a creative tool to help us explore & rediscover our innermost desires. 

Every time we come together, whether as a group or 1:1, our focus will be informed by what’s coming up for you. With a focus on how you can BE the highest version of yourself, versus what you need to DO to become her. 

+ Will we also talk about business strategy?

Yes, but we’ll be looking at your next steps from a place of feminine flow. You’ll explore how to truly make decisions, set boundaries, and invite in another way of being, so that we can integrate into our life the kind of whole person woman we want to be.

+ How big a group will we be?

This is an intimate, exclusive experience designed to help you form bonds with the other participants and feel safe showing up as your most authentic self, whether you’re channeling that divine feminine energy or feel more like a beautiful mess. 

As a result, I’m keeping the group size small. There are 8 spots available—will one of them be yours?

+ I want in! How do I claim my spot?

To claim your spot inside The Collective,  fill out the application and one of our team members will be in touch. Because I’m curating the energy of the group, you and I will hop on a call to make sure it’s an energetic match. If the fit feels right on both sides, I’ll welcome you in!

are you ready?

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