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definition: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

breathwork + vision workshop

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The next level of your life, your business, are going to require you to show up in new ways. Experience the transformational practice to release old patterns and recalibrate to your new potential.

Join me for a breathwork & vision workshop to release energy and stories that are no longer aligned with your highest vision and calibrate your energy to a new level!

Create a clear vision of the woman you desire to show up as. Using breathwork, journal prompts and vision work, you'll set a new vibration, aligned with your highest self.

You can count on fear to show up just as you're getting ready to expand and grow. So how to do we get past it? How do we shed the limiting beliefs and old stories? 

You can count on fear to show up just as you're getting ready to expand and grow.
 So how to do we get past it? 
How do we shed the limiting beliefs and old stories? 

We make space and re-write the story.


Breathwork & Vision Session with Aine
Wednesday, July 20th
10:00am PST on Zoom




here's what you need to know

Combining the power of breath work, reiki and writing, Aine will guide you through a self healing experience designed to support you in uprooting the stories that are keeping you stuck.

In a nurturing and supported container, we practice the power of presence with breath and body, and cultivate a more trusting relationship with your intuition.

Grounded in your body and connected to your inner compass, you'll practice writing a new story that feels exciting and aligned with your powerful future Self!

this breathwork + vision session is...

what can I expect?

Through  ritual, connection, & breath, we'll honor the process of renewal and expansion:


Let go of old patterns, thoughts and energy that no longer serves you.

Make Space

Consciously create space for new intuition and ideas through the breath, invoking Divine Feminine Energy, and deep connection to the body.


Open to receive new levels of abundance, and allow a new you to emerge from the waves of breath. Rewrite your story and receive new codes for creating the future you desire.

Once you confirm, you'll receive a follow up email with a zoom link, instructions for setting up your space and FAQ.

No matter what brings you to the practice, the goal is to meet yourself there and discover your
limitless potential.

you're in the right place.


experience alchemy.


My story has taken me from a corporate office to an NYC stage, then *plot twist* into motherhood & life as an entrepreneur.  I’m no stranger to big changes, deep transformation or bold moves. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do know this:

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To fully embody your highest self, you have to have space to play.

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