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1:1 Coaching

2 Calls per month + Voxer support
$3500 / 3 months

You’ve tried the online courses, the certifications, and own an obscene number of self-help books, but now you’re craving the deep inner change that lasts and permeates throughout every non-negotiable in your life – your work, your family, and your relationship with yourself.

My friend,
I hear you, I see you, and I want you to know you don’t have to walk this road alone.

This intimate business and life-changing experience is designed for feminine leaders who know the world needs their gifts, but aren’t sure how to honor the dynamism of all their parts.

If that's you, you're in the right place!

The world is waiting for the fully embodied version of YOU.


if that's you, consider this your personal invitatioN to unapologetic soul-liberation!

Do any (or all) of these sound like you?

You’re well aware that the journey towards healing isn’t always easy. Which is why you’re craving the support of a mentor who genuinely carea about you, hold space for your most vulnerable self, and helps you remember your power.

Your intuition has told you it was time to work on what was weighing you down, but all the online courses, self-help books, and bubble baths just haven’t cut it. You’re looking for a customized solution that is more than a temporary fix.

Business has told you to be successful, you have to act one way. Motherhood has taught you to be present, you have to be another way. As you wear all the hats that your hyper-busy life requires, you’re left feeling compartmentalized, unaligned, and unfulfilled.


Even if you’re not exactly sure what you want, you know it’s something different from the life you’re leading now. It’s time to create the life that sets your soul on fire.


You fluctuate between moments of clarity and moments of confusion. One day you feel confident, and the next you’re filled with self-doubt. You’re ready to start trusting yourself, embracing every single part of you, feel equipped and empowered in any circumstance.


You know you have something significant to share, but you’re still the world’s best-kept secret. You’re ready to give yourself and your family the gift of your authentic self, that will leave a lasting impression now and for decades to come.


I Want You to Take a Moment and Imagine….

Accessing deep inner peace, security, and (of course) joy.

Now that you’ve examined the patterns and stories you've been telling your whole life, you’re liberated to create a new and even more fabulous future YOU.

You now create space in your life for Divine Feminine Flow. You actively practice setting both energetic and emotional boundaries that give you the freedom to explore how powerful you can be.

Now that you’re deeply rooted in your body and authentic self, you now have instant access to your intuition and divine feminine wisdom. You easily attract connections that feed your soul, and allow you to say yes to big, luscious love. 

Whether you’re resonating with these sentiments for the 1st time or the 100th time, I want you to know that you already hold the keys to ruling your inner queendom in a way that honors all the parts of you – the career champion, the nurturing mother, AND the powerfully soft woman.

The truth is, you can have all of this (and more) whenever you decide to *finally* release the shackles of the predescribed paradigm of being “good” to make room for your intuitive nudges that are begging for your attention.

Redefining what it means to be successful.

Reinviting the feminine in.

Feeling equipped and empowered at any moment.

You know you have all the tools, power, and healing techniques within you, whenever you need them. All you have to do is tap in. And on days that you don’t feel as strong, you have a community of supportive women to lean on.

Advocating for yourself with the same passion that you do for your children, your work, and your clients.

You now intensely prioritize yourself because you not only know, but feel, it is the key to creating the life you actually want. You start your day with a self-prioritizing practices that allows you to center, clarify, and come home to yourself.

Rewriting your story.

You’ve created a personal daily practice that encourages you to easily connect to joy through somatic practices like breathwork, meditation, and writing. You can now visualize what life can look (and feel like) when you trust and follow your deepest intuitive guides.