Transitions: Part 1

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Transitions are tough! We are often asked to transition in our lives in big and small ways. 

Sometimes life asks us to shift in big ways- going from being single to married, from not having kids to being a mom, or going from working for someone else to starting our own business.

These shifts are difficult because they ask us really to examine our identity. 

I know for me I have been in the middle of my own transition. For the last thirteen years I have been in social marketing with Arbonne.  I have had a very successful business and grown into the person I am today because of personal development and community.

I am so grateful. And, I want more.

I found myself feeling restless. I was gradually feeling unfulfilled by the things that used to light me up. This has brought up a lot of interesting things for me. As a business owner, I am constantly monitoring my performance in terms of numbers.  And a lot of my identity came from hitting goals and bringing my team with me.

I allowed myself the space to keep exploring. I gave myself permission to listen to the feeling of dissatisfaction – no matter how uncomfortable it is to admit- and look for clues. What lights me up these days?

This is how my journey to coaching, and to creating my course came to life. I took courses, followed the breadcrumbs of desire and fulfillment, and gave myself permission to say YES!

Now I’m bringing more process into my life and my coaching. And I am SO inspired. That’s when you know your transition is in alignment. It’s like all of a sudden you have the right fuel in your car. And your car is driving better than ever.

Sometimes we forget that we’re not just human doings, we’re actually human beings. When we shift our identity we are always in transition. 

And we are meant to shift… we are meant to transition. Transition is really a sign that we are in an expansion. Remember growing as a little kid? How your legs would hurt at night? This is the territory we are in when our identity shifts.  We can have growing pains as adults too. The most important part is to remind yourself that you are growing as you shift… and that’s why it matters so much that you allow these transitions to happen.

If you’re feeling the tugs in your transition and looking for a community of women to support you during your process. Head over to my coaching page to apply or set up a free 1:1 coaching call with me!

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