Transitions: Part 2

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I feel like in this modern world we are constantly asked to transition. Transition from the school run, to managing our own company, to making a Facebook post, to creating a pumpkin pie without nuts, gluten dairy (or pumpkin?)… 

It’s a lot. 

It’s a lot on our brains, our souls and quite frankly our bandwidth.  And it’s a lot on our kids! We want to give them the best of ourselves.

And it’s a lot on our businesses too! How many times have I sat down at my desk thinking of my kids, and how many times have I been with my kids, doing the school run, and thinking about some unfinished task at my desk? 

It also doesn’t help that we can live in a culture of comparison and lack.  The creeping feeling of not doing enough seems always ready to jump in.

All you have to do is jump on Facebook, or Instagram and we see how other mothers are crushing the gluten free game, or the podcast market and these little pings of comparison pop into our minds…. 

But comparison is the thief of joy.

You are enough! You have enough, and you do enough. You matter, just as you are, with the stories and accomplishments and struggles and triumphs.  You are enough – and the world needs you to show up and share your light.

Our value, our intrinsic sense of worth, can get lost in the hustle but it can also be found in the flow. 

Don’t underestimate the transitions. The discomfort, the soulful dissatisfaction, the signs of change are ripe with information if we make space to listen.  It’s in the granular details of our lives that we can tap into our consciousness.

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