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Quiet your Inner Critic & Connect with your Highest Self so you can...

A weekly podcast for entrepreneurs


I’ve spent over 2 decades helping women transform their lives by finding the sweet spot between ‘hustle’ and ‘flow’, with mindfulness, mindset, and no BS strategies for getting more out of life. 

Today, the Rock Your Joy podcast is a space to inspire and ignite conversations among women on the journey to creating their extraordinary lives. Wherever you are on this adventure, if you find yourself wanting to experience more joy, this is the place for you. 

New episodes are released every WEEK.

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Featured episodes:

Trailer: Welcome to Rock Your Joy

Welcome to my podcast! I believe there is so much power in sharing our stories. As women, navigating the complexities of motherhood, entrepreneurship and our own self care can feel overwhelming and isolating. When we share our stories, both of struggle and triumph, I believe we create a space for connection, community and growth. I […]

  “We have a creative life force that comes out in so many unique and beautiful ways. But in order to tap into it, I think we have to stop. I think we have to stop producing, consuming, doing, and just take a breath and take a moment to pause.” Our society values productivity over […]

  “Let this time be the gift that you’re giving yourself. The time to unwind and unfurl all the doing. And to just go inward and be. And to explore the nature of consciousness.” – Aine Rock When you unhook yourself from who you are out in the world – the you that you present […]

  “You need to share with the people who really can help push you forward. People who share your vision and share the feeling that you’re going for and see your greatness and help guide you.” You have the power to change your story. If you’re feeling stuck, unhappy with where you are, or just […]

“It really dawned on me that the best thing I can do for my kids is to be a happy, healthy mom. There’s nothing on earth I can buy them that would be more important than them seeing their mom happy, healthy, confident, empowered.” It’s not uncommon for moms to put their dreams and goals […]

“We can become open to new opportunities when we are truly grateful for what we have already created, because everything in your life right now is something you already manifested.” It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Our to-do list grows and we can’t help but feel […]

  “Ultimately our habits create our life. And so the invitation is actually to become curious and present and willing to take yourself off autopilot and check in: is this life I’ve created the one I really want, am I being who I want to be?” Creating a life that you’re excited about begins with […]

When we become stressed and overworked, our bodies will begin to show signs that it’s time to slow down. Dr. Nicole Byers joins us this week to discuss building awareness of your own body and managing the symptoms of burnout.  “We get into these habits of hustle culture and this drains our resources. And so […]

“I had so much fear, and I had tools to help me move through the fear and continue to take the next right step. Aine Rock Change is never easy, even change we want! It can leave us feeling stressed, confused, and drained. But change is a necessary part of life. Our daily practices, rituals […]

“Acknowledge that you’ve taken these few moments to come into the body, into the breath, and to be right here in this moment.” – Aine Rock Our minds are constantly in motion racing from one thought to the next like waves on the ocean. This week, Aine offers a guided meditation to help you release […]

“Come into the body, into the spirit, into the space of knowing, trusting, releasing. With gratitude, thank your body for her strength and her sensitivity” – Aine Rock Breathwork is a powerful way to develop intution, clear your body and mind of stuck energy and even release trauma. Using a pattern of breath and guided […]

“The more that we pour into ourselves, the more we have to pour into others.” – Aine Rock Whatever ails you, meditation is a great tool to help you return to your breath and feel better. This week on Rock Your Joy, Aine offers a meditation and visual exercise to help you heal from whatever […]

“Release  yourself from the bondage of future casting and rolling over the past in your mind. Instead be in this moment ready to receive the future as it comes.” – Aine Rock Whether you’re remembering a past mistake or worrying about your to-do list for the next week, we all spend a great deal of […]

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You need content for your business that feels like YOU.


You want encouragement from someone who's been there.


You want to laugh while talking about all things content, copy, life and more.

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Her words and soothing and encouraging at the same time. Her guests are thoughtful and I finish each episode feeling renewed."

- Sara


Aine’s voice is so calming and her consistent message has helped me stay calm and grounded during this challenging time. I don’t often allow myself to feel JOY but now I am starting to look for it and feel it fully..."

- Katy


Thank you Aine for sharing your story, your wisdom, your grounded understanding and your joy. Fabulous episode."

- Shannon


I love Aine's podcast. Her frank and real approach to her solo episodes is really refreshing. Thank you!"

- G. Caprio



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