Transitions: Part 3

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I’ve been sharing the big life transitions, but what about the hundred micro transitions we make in a day?  You’ve spent the morning getting the kids ready and you drop them at school and hop on a work call.. but have you moved efficiently from one energy to another?

Try giving yourself just 3-5 minutes to bring awareness to the transition.  I am releasing THIS energy and ready to step into THAT energy. 

The next time you finish a meeting, or wrap up a call and feel like running out to your family, take 2 minutes, close your eyes, center your breathing and consciously bring awareness to the transition.  Take deep breaths in and out and silently repeat the word RELEASE. Feel the physical release of energy and feel yourself consciously open to your family or partner who is waiting for you to show up as your whole self.

As you practice and try this over the next week, just become aware of how your energy shifts.

It’s from this place of openness that we align and show up as the best version of ourselves.  And that’s who your family, your partner, your kids need most.

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