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Do you know who your Higher Self is? Have you asked her for coffee yet?  Does she drink a latte with Stevia and Coconut Creamer? 

Your Higher Self is always there. She’s that best friend who looks out for you… She’s the aunt who remembers to sneak an extra pair of warm socks into your luggage. She’s your shrewd College Prof who insists you can do better (she was right wasn’t she? You didn’t want to do all those drafts- but now you know what finishing an essay really feels like). 

She’s Oprah, she’s The Easter Bunny, sometimes she’s even Jessica Rabbit. She’s tough love and soft love, and all of the different types of love you’ve ever known.  Our highest self is our intuition, is the part of ourselves that says yes to yoga and no to the extra doughnut, or sometimes the other way around… 

That’s why we have to listen. She deserves to be listened to after all.  She speaks quietly. She’s sometimes a lot quieter than the other voices, the ones that seem to scream ’not enough not enough’ louder than our high school cheer captain.  

We can align with our highest self, in a moment. In fact a lot of what I share with you from my own life and my clients lives are simple tools to help you to drop in and listen to your highest self.  Sure a three week retreat might help you to listen- but we’re moms we need fast tools! 

When we call on our highest self what we are really signaling is that we would like to both regulate and calm our nervous systems.  

Do you have the willingness to slow down enough to tap into your higher self (intuition) and listen? 

When we invite our Higher Self into the equation what we are really doing is making space for grace. There are plenty of spaces where I fall short as a mother, and when I admit it and invite the chance for grace it always feels easier. 

Grace always comes in when we open the door… even if we just nudge the door a little, she’ll come in.  She’s sneaky that way.

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