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It happens to the best of us: you feel happy, you feel in your power you’re scrolling through the ‘gram and… cue FOMO. Someone is doing something you only dream of doing. Someone is cooking something you only dream of cooking. Someone is hanging out on a beach you only dream of hanging out on.

Even my daughter has experienced FOMO.. at recess.  It’s that feeling of being left out of our own tribe. And it sucks!

What do we come back to? What is our own reassurance?  One great thing to do is to look at the tangibles. This is what I shared with my daughter.  Why not list what you do have? In my daughter’s case: your mom, your dad, and your brother…. your dogs. 

We have times in our lives where either by choice or circumstances we’re not connected to the tribe we want…. or think we want to be. How can we be okay with that? And more importantly what do we come back to? What are your tangibles?

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