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Hi, I'm Aine Rock

I want you to imagine an area of your life where you feel overwhelmed, under supported and alone.

It could be something as simple as the laundry pile or as complex as the structure of your business. 

Whatever it is I want you to really take a moment to visualize it.

Do you see it? Is it the school run? The lunches? Or an overflowing inbox? 

Now I want you to have a fantasy.  (We so seldom daydream, and yet it is such a beautiful feature of our minds).  That’s right, I am telling you to fantasize! 

I want you to allow your mind to dream up the exact form of help that you need.  Just go on an imagination day trip! 

What do you get? What do you need? How do you feel as you receive the help that you need? 

For instance I have one client who feels that she ‘has to do everything in her business’.

When I asked her to picture the help she needed what came up was more emotionally based then logistically based- she needed encouragement. 

She imagined what it would feel like getting a text from her best friend telling her that she was awesome!  She pictured herself working away on her business as other friends and family members cheered her on. 

What about you? 

What are three things that came up for you that would help you to feel more supported? 

The truth is we are so often told in subliminal (and not so subliminal ways) that we shouldn’t ask for help.  But when we ask for help, we activate our community, we involve our family, and we deepen our friendships. 

In fact asking for help engages a flow state.  We are now not alone, we are open to giving and receiving. 

P.S. totally okay if you fantasized about your husband rolling his clothes Marie Kondo style… After all, this is your daydream.

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