E03. Mothering Yourself with Gertrude Lyons

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You spend so much time caring for others, it’s easy to forget to spend time on yourself. Dr. Gertrude Lyons is a coach and speaker dedicated to re-writing the mother’s code. She joined us this week on Rock Your Joy to remind mothers everywhere to take time for themselves and remember that joy comes from the presence of all emotions.

“It’s going to be really easy in this climate to discount and put away some of our own feelings in the service of others. And women are especially inclined for this because a beautiful aspect of women is we do care; we’re caring and thinking about the world, and our immediate home and family all at the same time.” – Dr. Gertrude Lyons

During normal circumstances, it can be difficult to carve out time to practice self-care. Now, with everyone home under quarantine, women are caring for others round the clock with no time to focus on themselves. Our guest this week on Rock Your Joy, Dr. Gertrude Lyons, is here to help you give yourself permission to choose yourself.

Dr. Lyons and Aine talk about the current child-centric dynamic that leaves the well-being of the mother absent from the equation. Finally, Dr. Lyons explains why it’s her negative emotions like sadness and despair that fuel her joy. Are you allowing yourself to feel all of your emotions?

  • [00:34] – The women we are capable of being

  • [02:16] – Bridges to personal & human development coaching

  • [05:09] – The Mother Code

  • [07:15] – Getting it right

  • [11:59] – What does it mean to mother yourself?

  • [17:56] – Navigating uncertainty

  • [22:05] – Cultivating joy

Aine Rock is an artist, entrepreneur, mom and High Performance Coach working on becoming the best version of herself and inspiring others to do the same. Rock Your Joy is a place for women to share the unique ways they find, cultivate, and celebrate joy. We’re often so focused on things happening to us that we forget that joy exists within us. Tune in every other week as we find that joy, together.

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