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I see you, mama. You’re running your business, running your house, doing your best to show up as a great mama and wife, and friend.  Some days you feel like the entire deck, strategically balanced by your best Type A self, might just collapse and send you spinning into overwhelm.

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of the word overwhelm because I do think it’s a product of saying YES to too many things.  You’re trying to show up in all the areas of your life with the same level of energy, which is commendable, but not always possible.

I hear you saying “It’s ok, I got this! I got this”.  

But maybe…. You don’t “got this?” 

Maybe you need permission to pause and evaluate what really matters in this season of life? Permission granted.

This is the beginning of realigning with your values and goals.

Last week a client was sharing with me how stressed she was about the holidays and finding activities for her kids to do over the break.  As wonderful, and admittedly necessary as this can seem, it was just another task on her ’to do list’ that was creating stress. I asked if her partner could participate, or better yet, could the whole family sit down and brainstorm their ‘holiday bucket list’ so that everyone had accountability and participation?   Sometimes we just need a reminder that, even though you could do it all, you don’t have to.

When we let go of the need to control and be the Wonder Woman mom, we make room to collaborate.  We allow more flow into our lives. Nothing would make me happier than seeing YOU get a little bit of space for self care and creativity, but it starts with admitting that you need help.. and then asking the people around you to pitch in.

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