6 Months of Spiritual Expansion, Soul Liberation, and Sisterhood


Release the need to earn, prove, and do and instead use your sacred energy to reclaim your life, shift your limiting beliefs, and create space for body + soul-shaking joy!

What would it feel like to settle into the sacred place of radical self-acceptance?

To surrender to a state of loving recognition, unconditional affirmation, and deep compassion for all parts of the multidimensional woman you are? 

You’ve tried the online courses, the certifications, and own an obscene number of self-help books, but now you’re craving the deep inner change that lasts and permeates throughout every non-negotiable in your life – your work, your family, and your relationship with yourself.

My friend,
I hear you, I see you, and I want you to know you don’t have to walk this road alone.

This intimate business and life-changing experience is designed for feminine leaders who know the world needs their gifts, but aren’t sure how to honor the dynamism of all their parts.

If that's you, you're in the right place!

The world is waiting for the fully embodied version of YOU.

 The Joy Collective combines deep spirituality, transformational mindset work, and sacred sisterhood that is at the center of divine healing & fierce feminine energy.

Get ready for unique expansion opportunities, inspired collaboration, and the hard-to-articulate magic that sparks when like-minded women come together in the same room


if that's you, consider this your personal invitatioN to unapologetic soul-liberation!

Do any (or all) of these sound like you?

You’re well aware that the journey towards healing isn’t always easy. Which is why you’re craving the support of a mentor and inclusive feminine community who genuinely care about you, hold space for your most vulnerable self, and help you remember your power.

Your intuition has told you it was time to work on what was weighing you down, but all the online courses, self-help books, and bubble baths just haven’t cut it. You’re looking for a customized solution that is more than a temporary fix.

Business has told you to be successful, you have to act one way. Motherhood has taught you to be present, you have to be another way. As you wear all the hats that your hyper-busy life requires, you’re left feeling compartmentalized, unaligned, and unfulfilled.


Even if you’re not exactly sure what you want, you know it’s something different from the life you’re leading now. It’s time to create the life that sets your soul on fire.


You fluctuate between moments of clarity and moments of confusion. One day you feel confident, and the next you’re filled with self-doubt. You’re ready to start trusting yourself, embracing every single part of you, feel equipped and empowered in any circumstance.


You know you have something significant to share, but you’re still the world’s best-kept secret. You’re ready to give yourself and your family the gift of your authentic self, that will leave a lasting impression now and for decades to come.

I Want You to Take a Moment and Imagine….

Accessing deep inner peace, security, and (of course) joy.

Now that you’ve examined the patterns and stories you've been telling your whole life, you’re liberated to create a new and even more fabulous future YOU.

You now create space in your life for Divine Feminine Flow. You actively practice setting both energetic and emotional boundaries that give you the freedom to explore how powerful you can be.

Now that you’re deeply rooted in your body and authentic self, you now have instant access to your intuition and divine feminine wisdom. You easily attract connections that feed your soul, and allow you to say yes to big, luscious love. 

Whether you’re resonating with these sentiments for the 1st time or the 100th time, I want you to know that you already hold the keys to ruling your inner queendom in a way that honors all the parts of you – the career champion, the nurturing mother, AND the powerfully soft woman.

The truth is, you can have all of this (and more) whenever you decide to *finally* release the shackles of the predescribed paradigm of being “good” to make room for your intuitive nudges that are begging for your attention.

Redefining what it means to be successful.

Reinviting the feminine in.

Feeling equipped and empowered at any moment.

You know you have all the tools, power, and healing techniques within you, whenever you need them. All you have to do is tap in. And on days that you don’t feel as strong, you have a community of supportive women to lean on.

Advocating for yourself with the same passion that you do for your children, your work, and your clients.

You now intensely prioritize yourself because you not only know, but feel, it is the key to creating the life you actually want. You start your day with a self-prioritizing practices that allows you to center, clarify, and come home to yourself.

Rewriting your story.

You’ve created a personal daily practice that encourages you to easily connect to joy through somatic practices like breathwork, meditation, and writing. You can now visualize what life can look (and feel like) when you trust and follow your deepest intuitive guides.

6 Months of Spiritual Expansion, Soul Liberation, and Sisterhood

Release the need to earn, prove, and do and instead use your sacred energy to reclaim your life, shift your limiting beliefs, and create space for body + soul-shaking joy!

The JOY collective


The beauty of The Joy Collective is it provides support at every level, both online and in-person.

Inside this hybrid online experience and in-person retreat, you’ll unravel the stories you tell yourself about what you can and can’t have, unblock the path to ease, and unleash the full scope of your divine feminine power. 

The Joy Collective is Grounded in 3 Pillars of Support:

Custom-tailored 1:1 Support

You’ll get access to monthly, 1:1 sessions with me to be guided as you transform your longing into the passionate embodiment of authentic, unapologetic joy. *Psst… I’m wildly committed to you joy journey, so I’m also available via voxer in between our chats*

Soul-Igniting Sisterhood

This community is here to help you remember how deeply worthy every single cell in your body, truly is. You’ll meet your sisterhood live on zoom, in-person during the retreat experience, during accountability office hours, and for years to come.

Immersive Experiences

I believe that truly impactful online programs are intended to create offline experiences that amplify, expand, and enhance the online community.

This experience won’t just propel you past what you thought you could do.

You’ll be forever changed by the deep connections you forge, both with your fellow participants, and yourself.

Aine is an incomparable coach who gives you the gentle nudges you need to get your sh*t in order. 

Joining Aine’s program was the best gift I could have given myself! Aine is an incomparable coach, who gives you the gentle nudges you need to get your sh*t in order. 

With an empathetic heart, she listens and encourages you like a good friend. She makes you see that the hurdles aren’t so high, and with the right mindset, you can accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.

– Abby Chung, Co-Owner, Practice Chicago

To kick off this immersive, we’ll meet in person for a luxurious retreat in sunny Ojai, California for deep sisterhood, healing, and magic that can only be experienced live, in person!

The most transformational weekend of your life is waiting.

You’ll be held in a space of rejuvenation, healing, transofrmation, and the invitation to simply be the beautiful woman you are. This is your space to take a deep sigh in an energy vortex, with women who are also walking the road of deep inner healing.

You’re invited to enjoy magical healing modalities, delicious healthy meals, gorgeous pink sunsets, and soul-igniting sisterhood.

Live in Ojai, California!

If you’ve been overworking, undervalued, stretched too thin, quietly weathering the inner storm of the soul, and struggling for too long…

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to build a business all on your own, with no energetic foundation to guide you…

If you’ve never been surrounded by like-minded female business owners who can help you reach that next level…

No matter who you are…


What your backstory is, or what you do for work, you could be living with a lot more alignment, and a lot more joy than you currently do!

The Joy Collective is exactly where you need to be.

There is power in the collective energy of women. With intention and integrity, you'll be welcomed into a safe space to explore the stories keeping you stuck, immerse yourself in the energy and creative power of the feminine, and watch your life and business transform.

from jessica

"aine is helping me reactivate the power within myself..."

"Working witn Àine for 2 months now has given me much needed adjustments and balance to my life in so many ways!

I was confused, frustrated, and honestly struggling.
Over the years "my space" slowly dissipated and became nonexistent.

Àine is helping me reactivate the power within myself and helping me regain and create that space I so deserve and need.
Thank you! From my heart to yours!"

– jessica, exec. director, beautycounter

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

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More trust in yourself, your creativity, your intuition, and your ability to choose the right path without seeking an external guide.


New courage to show up as yourself, claim space for yourself, express your truest thoughts & let the world see the brilliant woman you’ve always been.


Tangible tools to help you tap into your feminine strength and knowing, whenever, wherever, forever.

The Joy Collective is for you!

Questions You Might Need Answered Before You Say “Yes!” To More Ease, Joy And Pleasure In Every Day

+ Is this experience best suited for newbies or established entrepreneurs?

The Joy Collective is a space for high-achieving women who are transforming into the next, most authentic version of themselves. That may mean they’re leaving the corporate world to start something completely new, or it could mean they’re scaling their established ventures by extending past the edges of what’s been possible so far. 

Ultimately, whether you’re new to online business or you’ve been in this game for sometime, this space is for you if you’re ready to make big, bold moves as you grow into the fullest expression of who you are.

+ What healing modalities will we use during our time together?

We’ll regularly use meditation and breathwork to release old patterns and shift stagnant energy. As a certified high-performance coach, I’ll lead you through exercises that will help you release unhelpful stories and beliefs that no longer serve you. Finally, we’ll also use writing as a creative tool to help us explore & rediscover our innermost desires. 

Every time we come together, whether as a group or 1:1, our focus will be informed by what’s coming up for you. With a focus on how you can BE the highest version of yourself, versus what you need to DO to become her.

+ Will we also talk about business strategy?

Yes, but we’ll be looking at your next steps from a place of feminine flow. You’ll explore how to truly make decisions, set boundaries, and invite in another way of being, so that we can integrate into our life the kind of whole person woman we want to be.

+ How big a group will we be?

This is an intimate, exclusive experience designed to help you form bonds with the other participants and feel safe showing up as your most authentic self, whether you’re channeling that divine feminine energy or feel more like a beautiful mess. 

As a result, I’m keeping the group size small. There are 8 spots available—will one of them be yours?

+ I want in! How do I claim my spot?

To claim your spot inside The Joy Collective, fill out the application and one of our team members will be in touch. Because I’m curating the energy of the group, you and I will hop on a call to make sure it’s an energetic match. If the fit feels right on both sides, I’ll welcome you in!

are you ready?

If you're looking for a coach who can help you enjoy more pleasure, more play, and more joy every day...

let's chat!

We’ll cover where you are, where you want to go, and who you’ll become (or re-become) as you get there. All that’s left for you to do is ↓