Release & Activate


Release & Activate sacred Ritual

Are you ready to release the energy of 2020 and activate the energy of your highest self for 2021?

Join me

January 3rd at 3pm CST

Join me for a sacred workshop, a ritual of movement, mantra and meditation to call in the energy of your highest self in 2021

Using the power of healing through breath, movement using Soulflow™ and journaling prompts we’ll celebrate your triumphs and release what’s no longer needed and then ACTIVATE and amplify the energy you desire in the New Year.

Be ready to DANCE, laugh, breath, and we call in the energy of the GODDESS within!

You’ll walk away with clarity of mind and energy, ready to EMBODY your best self in 2021, surrounded by soul sisters who are also ready to light up the world.

Buy one gift one. Grab your seat now and receive a free coupon code to send to your best girlfriend, mom, sister or any other woman you’d love to share this sacred invitation with!