Journey to Joy Mastermind

An immersive 8-month experience for women ready to ditch the hustle and lead a life full of purpose, passion, and true growth.

The Journey to Joy Mastermind uses intentional practices to break through the status quo and cultivate the woman you are meant to become. You will elevate your mind, body, and soul to become a conscious engineer of your own success.

You’ll learn:

 ➜ High performance strategies so you can implement habits, routines, and rituals that support your optimal energy, productivity, and influence

 ➜ Energetic embodiment so this work can influence your entire body, integrating healing and transformation from your head to your heart and every cell of your being

 ➜ Somatic integration to incorporate chakra healing, reiki, breathwork, and meditation into your life for optimal healing and balance

 ➜ The process to lift your energetic vibration and change your mindset so your relationships can improve, you’ll find more joy and peace, and be able to discern where to spend your energy

 ➜ Kundalini, authentic marketing, somatic experiencing, chakra healing, and other teachings from special guest experts in a retreat setting