Are you struggling to find energy, creativity, and joy?


Let me guess…

This last year has left you feeling drained, overwhelmed, and longing for real connection. Like you’re running on an empty tank and trying to find the nearest refill station (I know, I’ve been there).

You need a way to manage your life, family, AND business simultaneously but with the way things are going now, you feel like you’re drowning. Women like us are expected to do it all. Between raising kids, taking care of the home, and maintaining businesses (sometimes by ourselves), we rarely ever have the time to connect with our true inner selves.

Why can’t there be more hours in the day?

Don’t get me started on the list of “should-do’s” hanging in the back of your mind – self-care, a morning routine, daily exercise, all while maintaining a healthy sleep schedule? The ride to burnout city is boarding fast.

Every time you look for answers, people are telling you that the only way to get ahead is to “hustle” (whatever that means). So you jump from client call to playdate to dinner and don’t close your laptop until midnight sometimes – and you’ve found a little success in your business by yourself.

But, can you really call it success if you’re sacrificing your sanity, mental health, and close relationships to get it?