My Story



I’ve Been Where You Are Now

Hi! I’m Aine Rock and I’m living proof that you can successfully create balance in your life using spiritual energy and guidance.

If you take anything away from this page, I hope it’s that you aren’t alone. Let me tell you a little bit about my story.

I once was juggling my kid’s demanding schedules and running an equally demanding business, stressing about the time slipping away. A few years ago, I found myself treading water, working towards a major goal in my business that left me feeling constantly unworthy and undeserving of celebration. I was missing time with my kids and quickly burning out from the “hustle”. Guilt was flooding from every angle it seemed and I couldn’t find the right routine to finally free myself to live life on my own terms.

Over the past few years, I have doubled down on my own self-discovery that led me back to a fuller, more vibrant version of myself. Before my new journey, on the outside, I had a lot to be thankful for – a great marriage, healthy kids, a successful business. But in reality, I was trading in my own creativity and passion (without even realizing it) and found myself on a constant whirlwind of “not enough”. 

In my High Performance Coaching training with Brendon Burchard, I realized that I love facilitating the kind of transformation that happens when we reframe success to include our health, wellbeing, and capacity for joy. To me, these are the things that truly define success – not the amount of money in our pocket. But, there was still a deeper layer to uncover.

So, I joined a mastermind with an embodiment coach and began my own journey of healing to rediscover what makes me feel like me again.

Over the past year, I’ve studied meditation, breathwork, and somatic embodiment – and these practices allowed me to feel safe in my body and incorporate the divine feminine energy in my own work. 

I experienced a huge transformation (one that I know you can too). My soul is finally unlocked and free from external pressures. Now, I trust my intuition, set clear boundaries, and am able to speak my truth while standing in my values with more clarity and purpose.

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