Rock Your Joy Coaching


Rock Your Joy Coaching

This is a six month emersive for the high performing woman, ready to embody her divine feminine energy, and truly rock their JOY.

Why is my course different? I guide you to ….

This is a safe inspring circle for women to explore a deeper understanding of their highest self.

Using the power of healing through breath, movement using Soulflow™ and journaling prompts we’ll celebrate your triumphs and release what’s no longer needed and then ACTIVATE and amplify the energy you desire..


Let’s breathe together…

Here’s what to expect during this six month exploration:




Everything that’s included in the exploration



➢➢Live Group Coaching sessions with Aine.

➢➢Biweekly group calls


➢➢One private 1:1 session with Aine each month.



Breathwork Coaching:

➢➢Live breakthwork sessions with Aine

Meditation Sessions: 

➢➢ Monthly meditation sessions

➢➢ Exlusive meditation downloads


Looking for more?

Book a free disovery call with Aine to see if this exploration is right for you!